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Bingo Roulette

Bingo Roulette

Welcome to this reinvention of the popular bingo game – 52-5 Bingo Roulette is still similar to classic bingo; this version is very entertaining and exciting. It’s easy, short and fast.

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 This game is playable on all devices making it accessible from anywhere. Enjoy loads of bingo fun with the thrill of roulette in one game. Firstly, grab your bingo tickets, read the review and seize the chance of some fantastic wins.

How to Play Bingo Roulette?

Bingo roulette is a fast-paced creation by 888 which is also easy to play. It consists of a few simple steps such as the following:

  • To start playing 52-5 bingo game, players need to purchase at least one bingo ticket.
  • Players can buy a maximum of 96 tickets on each game.
  • Make sure to check out the price of each ticket by checking the Standard Purchase Panel.
  • After you’ve bought your tickets, the numbers will start to be revealed automatically.
  • On a single ticket, you’ll find 5 various numbers out of the 52.
  • On Bingo Roulette, the Roulette wheel has a total of 52 numbers.
  • The calls are announced to players by using a simulated roulette wheel.
  • The arrow points to the numbers drawn on the wheel, then the numbers appear on the calling board.
  • When the calling sequence is done the game ends.
  • During the game, you will have the choice to either turn the sound on or off.


Features and Benefits

  • Auto Daub: The Auto Daub is a useful feature, it automatically marks off the numbers for players. A chip is instantly placed on the daubed number.
  • Calling Board: The Calling Board on the top right side of the screen displays the numbers that were previously called.
  • Info Panel: Discover some extra information about the 52-5 Bingo Roulette by checking the info panel.

Winning the 52-5 Bingo Roulette

  • There is only one winning pattern on this game and it is the Full House. To win, you will have to be the first to cover all 5 numbers on at least one bingo ticket.
  • A winning message will appear on your screen with the winner’s name.

Mobile Experience

Bingo Roulette is a cool game that all mobile users can enjoy via their various devices. Players can access and play the game from anywhere via their iOS & Android devices. The visuals of this innovative game fit perfectly on the screen of any mobile or tablet for smooth gameplay.

1 The Buy Time timer will change the text colour and you’ll hear a voice advising the players to buy their cards 30 and 10 seconds before the game starts.
2 The Bingo Roulette was inspired by the 52-5 game Candy Factory and Flash 5. In terms of rules, there is no real difference. The only difference is the animation experience and graphics.
3 The payout of 52-5 Bingo Roulette is determined by the number of players who’ve opted into the game as well as the ticket price. The more players that have joined the game the higher the ticket price will increase the payout.

Review of the Game/Conclusion

Bingo Roulette has everything that will please bingo and roulette enthusiasts. It’s entertaining, easy and offers chances of winning big. Jump at the chance of having some great fun where Bingo and Roulette meet!