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American Live Roulette

American Live Roulette

American Live Roulette

Roulette is a casino game of chance based on which slot the ball will end up in. Roulette or little wheel in French is one of the oldest and most popular casino game in the world. American Live Roulette adds on more fun to the game. With unlimited bets and a 00 variant, what’s there not to be excited about! Enjoy the Five Bet feature, which allows you to make one bet on five numbers at one time!


Top Features
  • Five Bet
  • Live Stream
  • Live Dealers

How to Play

Before you get the live dealer to spin the wheel, pick your desired stakes and place your bet on whichever colour or bet you prefer. Once you’re done selecting the bet amount, the live dealer will place your bet in chips on the table. What you get to profit from this roulette game, is that you are not limited to the number of bets you place.

Bet Levels: No bet levels available.

Amount of Paylines Selection: Bets are placed on the roulette table.

Coin Values: Chip or bet values are set in the Bet Field.
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