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The Slingo Bingo Experience

The game of Slingo is basically a hybrid of 75 ball bingo with a slot machine. It perfectly combines the excitement that spinning reels offers with that of marking off numbers on a card. By essence, it is a combination of two popular games, namely, Bingo and Slots.

Unlike before, Slingo games are rapidly growing in popularity while sparking a deluge of innovative original Slingo online games. And there are some really popular ones. If you have been dying to play Slingo, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Slingo casino in a nutshell.

How to Play Slingo?

You are not just playing Slingo bingo or Slingo slots – you are going to play Slingo. It is easy to understand why Slingo is getting more popular each day, especially since it is a fun and unique combination of bingo and online slots. More importantly, you have the chance to win big!

The idea of Slingo is pretty straightforward. You basically need to complete the grid by matching numbers from the resulting numbers you get after spinning the reels. Keep in mind, though, that you only have at least 20 seconds to find and/or click any matching numbers on the card on these Slingo sites.

You really need to think fast when playing Slingo. You will be awarded after completing – better known as Slingo – diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines on the grid. In some cases, it is imperative that you score as many points as you can.

Most Popluar Slingo Games

Symbols and Bonus Rounds

You already know you’re gonna love Slingo because there’s nothing better than combining the best of bingo and slots! To make the deal even sweeter, this game has got loads of powerful symbols and bonus rounds that keep the fun – and the wins – fast paced. The angelic Cherub can help you double your overall score, but the Devil in every Slingo game is on the prowl to cut your wins in half. It would be wise to lookout for him, and to get on the Cherub’s good side, because the Cherub can come save you right in the nick of time.

These Slingo characters and amazing symbols help shape your Slingo gaming experience, but the bonus rounds can really take it to the next level. Some games, offer you an entire set of bonus games which are activated when you reach newer and newer levels. Get spinning and enjoy the wide array of Slingo themes and games as you get on your way to mega wins!

joker Icon

Joker - allows you to mark off any number on the whole grid.

coins Icon

Coins - signify the amount that you are betting on each pay line.

Super Joker Icon

Super Joker - allows you to mark off any number on the whole grid.

Devil slingo Symbol

Devil - this symbol acts as a blocker on the reel and Keep you away from a win!

Quick Facts About Slingo

1 The game of Slingo has been around as early as 1995 and was even meant to be played for fun only.
2 There are tons of Slingo games that offer the capability of downloading them directly to your mobile devices.
3 Some Slingo games come with high paying Slingo slots. In other words, it is around 97 percent RTP or Return To Player.
4 Believe it or not, Slingo is deemed to be among the most played game on the planet.
5 Unlike the traditional Slingo bingo, Slingo games come with genuinely decent prizes.

Best Slingo Sites

So, it seems you are ready to play Slingo and experience the fun that this hybrid game offers. Well, it is time for you to jumpstart your Slingo adventure – and it should be right now. In this case, you need to start checking out some of the best Slingo sites alongside the different Slingo games offered.

With that in mind, you can try it here at Moon Bingo. It offers a deluge of Slingo games ready to give you the best Slingo casino experience.