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Love Island Slingo

Love Island Slingo

Love Island Slingo

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Slingo UK fans love TV show-based Slingo games, and this is one that is fast becoming very popular. Love Island Slingo is based on the romantic dating reality TV show called Love Island. The design of the game reflects the romance of the show – tropics, beach balls and beaches!

How to Play Love Island Slingo?

When you play Slingo, you need to understand the game so that you can maximise your chances of winning.


  • The Slingo bingo grid, a 5x5, 75-ball card, is placed at the centre of the game screen.
  • Below it is the Slingo slots reel, where the bingo numbers appear.
  • To the left of the bingo card, is the pay table. It will tell you how much you have won with each successive Slingo you complete. However, this amount will change depending on the size of your initial bet.
  • To the right of the bingo grid is the spin counter, where you can track how many spins you have left.
  • Below that is the START GAME button.


  • The first thing you need to do is set your stake. You can’t change it once the game begins, so keep that in mind while you choose how much you wish to bet.
  • Start the game.
  • You will be given 11 spins at the beginning of the game.
  • Complete rows, columns and diagonals of numbers to win Slingos. The more you win, the higher the rewards.

Features and Benefits

The tropical, romantic dating theme permeates this Slingo casino game. The background shows a warm, sunny beach, and the numbers marked off are covered by pink hearts. You also get special symbols that are unique to this game as they reflect its theme:

  • The Beach Ball: This is the equivalent of the Joker in other Slingo online games. You get to mark off any number on the column above it.
  • The Super Wild: The same as the Super Joker. You can mark off any number on the grid.
  • The Shark: This is the bad guy of the game and will try to block potential combinations.
  • Coins: Get instant cash when you land this symbol!
  • Free Spins: Besides the 11 spins you get at the beginning of the game, you can also land these special symbols and get awarded extra spins.

Slingo Bonus: In this game, if you manage to land 3 or more Beach Balls and/or Super Wilds, you get an instant cash prize. The more you land, the bigger the reward!

Mobile Experience

This popular game is available on your favourite Slingo sites. And on all Slingo sister sites! What’s more. You can now play this game on your phone and tablet as it has been designed to be mobile friendly.

Tips and Strategy

  • 1
    - Love Island Slingo is largely dependent on luck. However, there is a part of the game that you can control to increase your chance of winning that desirable £5,000 jackpot.
  • 2
    - You can use your Wilds to make Slingos more easily. Choose where to place them carefully, so that you can get the most combinations.
  • 3
    - You also have the option of buying a few extra spins. However, each extra spin you buy gets more expensive. So, if you have bet small, it would be a waste of money to buy those extra spins. But if you’re going for the big jackpot and are on the verge of winning, then go for it!
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