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Slingo Reveal

Slingo Reveal

If you can’t decide between Bingo games and Slot games, why not have the best of both worlds in one game? Plus, you also get an instant Scratch Card game thrown in as well.

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That’s what happens when you play Slingo Reveal Slot at Vegas Spins! This game designed by Gaming Realms lets you enjoy 3 different games played as one. The game format comes with a bingo grid in the centre with hidden numbers. At the bottom of the grid, you will find a single horizontal line with five reels.

To your right, you will find a red scratch card grid with prizes and shaded symbols. The symbols on the reels include numbers, free spins, a joker, and a devil. The symbols for the scratch card are cherries, oranges, melons, plums, 7, BAR, and diamonds. This exciting game can be played on PC, mobile, and tablet.

Top Features

  • Randomly Selected Symbols
  • Scratch Card Format
  • Bonus Symbols

How to Play

To enjoy this Slingo game, sign up at Vegas Spins for an account. If you are already a member, then you can log into the game directly and play. The next step is to adjust your stakes on the screen. You will find that you can adjust the stakes on the right side of the screen in a blue box. Click the STAKE icon and coin values will appear from £0.25 to £25.00. Choose your bets and click the START GAME. You get 9 spins in total and they are all predefined spins, so you won’t need to click on the START button repetitively.

Bet Levels: There are no bet levels in Slingo Reveal Slot.

Amount of Paylines Selection: The game has 12 paylines.

Coin Values: The minimum value is £0.25, and the maximum value is £25.00 respectively.

Bonus Rounds

Randomly Selected Symbols
One of Slingo Reveal’s game features, are the random symbols that appear within the gameplay. For you to pick up some wins, you will need to land a random symbol. If you trigger a Slingo/win line, you will see the symbol appear on the left-hand side or at the top of the grid behind the question marks. They will then move inside the red scratch card box for potential instant wins.

Scratch Card Format
This awesome feature added to the Slingo game allows a player to receive an instant win. To your right, you will find a red scratch card box on the screen. Inside, there are prizes attached to 3 shaded symbols. The highest symbol is the diamond. You will need to pick up 3 similar symbols to earn the prize. If the stakes are increased, the prizes also increase in value.

Bonus Symbols
These symbols are added to the reels to provide more chances of making wins. The two symbols are the Free Spins and the Joker. The Free Spins symbol add an extra spin inside the spin bar for use after they are removed from the reels. The Joker symbol will mark a random number in the grid to boost chances while speeding up the gameplay. However, keep an eye out for the Devil Symbol. This symbol appears in the middle reel and will block potential matches on the reels.

Unlimited Extra Spins
If you still haven’t collected all the instant win symbols at the end, you can purchase new spins. Just click on the START button in the yellow box.