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What are best online slots UK & where did they come from?

Gambling online is now more popular than going down in-person to a casino thanks to the evolution in technology. Slots typically used to be operated by a single lever to the side, named the ‘one-armed bandit’. These slots emerged at the end of the 19th Century, and the first electro-technical slots came out in 1964.

Now, moving forward to the ’90s, and we see the emergence of the internet and information age. This is where we have seen online casinos emerge and people searching for the best online slots UK. Now millions of people worldwide will play the top slots UK and the best Payout online slots UK from the comfort of their smartphone wherever they may be located in the world.

Why play online slots UK?

On any typical smartphone, there is no best time to play online slots in the UK. You can play some of the top-rated slots in the UK wherever you are and whenever. This flexibility to play the top slots UK wherever you are is heavily appealing to the vast majority of us.

We all have busier lives than ever before, and so people don’t have time to go down to their local arcades or casinos and would rather play the best Payout online slots UK on their smartphones.

On top of this, online casinos provide you with not only the best online slots UK but also the biggest range to choose from. There are more top-rated slots on offer than ever before, appealing to all manner of interests, hobbies, movies, films and even pop culture.

What features should you be looking for in top slots UK?

There are many features and tonnes of bonuses on offer in the thousands of different top-rated slots on offer to punters in the UK. However, there are a few core ones that you should understand so that you can make the most of these should you come across them: Payout percentage – this is something that can be misunderstood should you not know exactly what it means.

Many misperceive it to be the percentage they can expect to win from the machine. However, what it simply means is the total amount of money taken over a time, and the percentage of that money that will be paid back to players. Usually, this varies between 75 and 90.

  • Reels – These are the reels on a slot. Typically, you’ll see three or five of them. Each reel also will typically show three symbols at any one time and is the form of a wheel.

  • Minimum and Maximum Bets – In order to stop people getting carried away and to encourage responsible gambling, top-rated slots in the UK that you can play online have minimum and maximum bets. This will be the amount you’re going to be wagering per spin.

  • Free Spins – These are usually rewarded to a player after striking a certain combination or sometimes as a bonus from the online casino. Essentially what this means is that if you have ten free spins, for example, the reels will spin ten times at no cost to yourself, with you accruing any rewards given during them spins.

What is the different type of slot symbols?

Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of different symbols depending on what game you’re playing, for example, if you’re playing a Spiderman themed slot, you’re of course going to see the Spiderman logo as a symbol.

However, these again are a core bunch of symbols that you should be aware of that are prevalent across multiple online slots. Here they are:

  • Typically, the numbers of cards being shown on most slots. The most common to see on slots is the 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A).

  • Wild Symbols – these won’t always be present on the best online slots UK however, when you do come across them it’s important to know what they do. If you have a seven on the first and third reel, and a wild in the middle, it will take the form of a 7 to complete that winning line for you.

There are also different types of wilds such as certain ones which will multiply your win depending on which wild landed. These are available typically on the best UK slots.

  • Scatter Symbols – These are more popular than Wild symbols, and you should certainly be excited if you see them. Usually, these scatter symbols don’t necessarily have to be on a pay line, but instead just in view. The rewards given by these can vary from free spins to multipliers. These are typically available on the best paying online slots UK.

What are the different types of online slots in the UK?

You’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of which online slot to go for when shopping around in the UK. You can even play a combination of bingo and slots which is called Slingo Bingo. Today we’re going to be running through the different type of slots, so you’re not spending as much time looking for your preferred type of slot:

  • Classic Three-reel slot machines – these are the most common and classic form of slots and consist of three reels.

  • Five reel slot machines – As the name suggests it has two more reels than the classic online slot machines.

  • Progressive slots – These are the type of slots whereby the more you play, the more the jackpot increases and make up some of the best UK slots.

  • Mobile slots – These have been specially designed to be played on smartphones and tablets are some of the best UK slots.

  • Multi-pay line slots – On the more classic slots, you’ll only have a winning line if all the symbols are in the row in the middle. However, on the more complex slots, you can have win lines going both diagonal and vertical.

Who are the most popular online slot UK software providers?

Creating the best online slots UK has become a lucrative business, worth billions annually. It is no wonder then that many software development companies have battled fiercely to become the industry leader when it comes to developing the most-played and innovative top-rated slots UK. Here are just some of the industry leaders:

  • Microgaming – They have been around since 1994 and have developed over 800 top online slots in the UK and considered to be one of the best.

  • NetEnt – These are huge rivals to Microgaming and have been around since 1996 winning a whole host of awards during that time. They boast around 170 online casinos offering the top online slots UK.

  • PlayTech – This developer was a little late to the party having come about in 1999 but quickly caught up and are known for having a diverse portfolio of award-winning online slots.

  • BetSoft – Launched in the same year as Playtech, BetSoft specialise in creating immersive and interactive 3d top-rated slots UK.

Which are the best UK slots?

With there being such a wide range of the best online slots in the UK you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which slot to play on. The lobby is brimming with slots that comes in all shapes and sizes. They come in a range of theme with several bonus rounds and style. To discover which are the best UK slots, take a trip to the gaming lobby.

  • Gonzos Quest – This Mayan themed slot is favoured as one of the best online slots UK as there is a wide range of ways to win. Each pay line will be multiplied by a certain amount meaning players can win more back. And rather than spinning the symbols simply fall into place on this game.

  • Mega Moolah – This is a perfect example of one of the best online slots UK and features a progressive jackpot which acts as the main point of attraction for players and also the major jackpot.

  • Starburst – This top-rated slot is by far one of the best online slots UK. This game was developed by NetEnt and takes on a space theme and has ten pay lines spread across its five reels and is considered to be one of the best UK slots and one of the best payout online slots UK.


How old do you have to be to legally play the best online slots UK?

In the UK the legal age to gamble online and in casinos is 18 years old.

What’s the minimum deposit to play the top-rated slots UK?

The minimum deposit amount will vary depending on what casino you decide to play at. Make sure you check out the Terms and Conditions for an updated and first hand information.

How to win at online slots?

As we’ve mentioned the best paying online slots in the UK, there’s not much more than can be added to that. Slots games cannot be predicted in advance. On regulated sites like Vegas Spins, the RNG – Random Number Generator make sure that all the outcomes are unpredictable. It’s all about chance.

Are all the top-rated slots UK mobile friendly?

Fortunately, most of the big slot developers have taken note of just how much more preferable it is to play the best online slots UK on their smartphones and have made these slots responsive (tailored to phones). However, not all games will be mobile-friendly. Although those that are, typically have really impressive and immersive graphics.

Are online slots really random?

Despite it sometimes seeming like the machine is purposely going against you, all the best online slots UK are fair in how they operate. All the top-rated slots will use RNG or Random Number Generations. This means each time the slots are spun; it will select a range of results at random. To keep a level of impartiality in proceedings, these generators are usually verified by third parties so that there is no bias.

What makes UK slots different to American slots?

On the best online slots UK, you will typically have the ability to hold reels. This means that you could like the symbol you’ve landed on the second reel so you can hold that and spin the other two. This facility is typically absent on most US slot machines. In addition to this, best online slots UK also tend to have bonus boards and trails, whereas US slot machines just rely on the pay lines.

What is a progressive jackpot?

As we’ve mentioned already, if you’re playing on the best online slots UK and you come across a progressive jackpot, you’ll see it increasing over time. Each time the reels are spun, the jackpot goes higher and higher.

What is a welcome bonus?

In order to stay competitive and entice players to join their casinos rather than others, many online casinos will offer players welcome bonuses.

How can I deposit funds?

Most online casinos that offer the best online slots UK will offer a range of different payment methods by which you can deposit. The most popular ones include the electronic wallet, PayPal amongst other recognized banking solutions.

What online slots pay out the most?

If you’re looking for the best online slots UK of course, you’re going to be looking out for the slots which payout the most. However, it is, after all, a game of chance. You can peek over the RTP of the slots to have a glimpse on how they pay-out!