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Paws of Fury Instant

Paws of Fury Instant

Paws of Fury Instant

Guess what? The pawsome Panda Sensei is back! Yes, and this time, the latter came on an instant win game called Paws of Fury Instant. It is bound to give you an instant smile with it’s outstanding and fun visuals. Who knows, it may also guide you through the hidden path which leads to the untold riches. Pink blossom regularly floats across the scene and the whole scenario is set inside an open-fronted timber structure. What’s amazing is that you are definitely going to relish the panoply of fun that awaits you. Take out any tablet, mobile phone or desktop and have a whale of a time on Paws of Fury Instant!


Top Features
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How to Play

The first step is to hop over at Vegas Spins and to log into your account! Once you load up Paws of Fury Instant, you will be required to adjust your stake amount. When you feel ready, hit on the Play button to set going. As soon as the Play button is pressed, the bet is deducted from the current balance and the game starts.

Bet Levels: There are no bet levels available on Paws of Fury Instant.

Amount of Paylines Selection: There are no amount of lines since it is an instant win game.

Coin Values: The minimum stake is set at 0.50 while the maximum stake is set at 20.00. Feel free to make the correct choice before you start the ball rolling!

Bonus Rounds

Game 1
Click on each of the 6 coin icons to uncover a prodigious cash prize. Uncover 3 corresponding prize amounts to earn one of those amounts.

Game 2
Click on each of the icons to uncover a symbol and cash prize. Look out for the "Paws of Fury" symbol to earn the prize for that row.

Game 3
Uncover 2 numbers and a tip-top prize amount in a row. In each and every row, the left-hand number is YOUR number and the right-hand number is THEIR number. In the event that YOURS is larger than THEIRS, you win the prize for that row.

Game 4
Uncover numbers and an amazing prize amount in a row. If the 2 numbers in a row add up to 10, you will catch hold of the prize for that row.

Game 5
Click on the icons to uncover a symbol. Uncover 2 alike symbols in a row to earn the prize for that row.

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