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Pixies of the Forest

Pixies of the Forest

Pixies of the Forest

Gallivant around the lush greenery of these enchanted woods and win free spins and higher chances with the tumbling reels! Let the pixies guide you to big wins!


Pixies Of The Forest

  • Fantasy Fairy Theme
  • Free Spins bonus feature
  • Tumbling Reels

Explore the deep woodlands of Pixies in the Forest slots and see what you might uncover. This stunning slots game will take you on an otherwordly adventure into mystical fairy lands. With 99 paylines you'll be sure to make great winning combos, but the tumbling reels is really the standout feature in this lighthearted game. Allowing for even bigger wins by taking away the winning symbols and replacing them with new symbols, you get the chance for more spinning and much bigger wins. You can also land the free spins bonus feature! There's so many ways to win with Pixies in the Forest!

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