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Symmetry Slots

Symmetry Slots

Symmetry Slots

Welcome on Symmetry Slot online by Realistic Games. Did you know that the Greek root word for symmetry is together? These 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 fixed paylines slot boast with a wide range of symbols that glimmers on the reels. There’s no need to be a slot pro to have a spin on this Symmetry Slot machine. You’ll be in for amazing surprises with the potential payout of up to 50,000 coins on any spin.


Top Features
  • Bonus Round
  • Symmetry Bonus
  • AutoPlay Feature

How to Play

Symmetry Slot is an easy to play slot where the various symbols are perfectly aligned next to each other. It includes the jackpot logo, a pile of cash, gold bars, Pink 7s and various gemstones like diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire and Amethyst.

Bet Levels: There are no Bet Levels on Symmetry Slot.

Amount of Paylines Selection: This slot machine is made up of 10 fixed paylines.

Coin Values: The Bets range from 0.20 to 200.00.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus Round:
While playing Symmetry Slot game, the bonus round will trigger when all 5 reels rest with 3 identical symbols. When the bonus round is launched, tap the start button to select a reel randomly. The reels that don’t have the selected symbol will re-spin and land on with 1, 2 or 3 of that symbols. Just keep your eyes wide open.

Symmetry Bonus:
This bonus feature is awarded when the bonus round is activated with a symmetrical pattern. The latter is created in the event reels 1 and 5 is identical and reels 2 and 4 matches each other. When this takes place, a guaranteed full house of the chosen symbol is awarded.

AutoPlay Feature:
Nowadays, most slots if not all have the AutoPlay Feature. It allows players to boost the speed of the slot and select a number of auto-play games. 10, 25, 50 and 100 are the number plays available on Symmetry Slot. Besides, to spice up the gameplay, you can customise it as per your likes.
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